TSM Bucks

How It Works

TSM Bucks are dollars that you can use towards your purchases. Every purchase made both in-store at our Rahway location and our online store will earn you TSM points. Each customer who signs up for the rewards program will start out with 25 TSM Points. Turn those points into awesome rewards! Once you redeem your points, you will receive an exclusive discount code that you can use at checkout or save them for future purchases. All of the details for the ways to earn and redeem TSM Points are provided below. If you have any questions regarding the rewards program, feel free to contact us at sales@onlinetsm.com.

Ways to Earn

Sign Up 25 TSM Points
Place an Order 1 TSM Points for every $1 spent
Follow on Twitter 5 TSM Points
Follow on Instagram 5 TSM Points
Like on Facebook 5 TSM Points
Celebrate a Birthday 50 TSM Points
Referrals $5 off coupon

Ways to Redeem 

50 TSM Points $1.00
250 TSM Points $5.00
500 TSM Points $10.00
1250 TSM Points $25.00
2500 TSM Points $50.00
5000 TSM Points $100.00
10000 TSM Points $200.00